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Memorial Hall

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Max Occupancy 225


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Chairs (optional)
  3. Ice Machine (optional)
  4. Kitchen (optional)
  5. Meeting Rooms (optional)
  6. Restrooms (optional)
  7. Sound System (optional)
  8. Stage (optional)
  9. Tables (optional)

Memorial Hall houses the Lamar Fire Department and is available for community rental for events ranging from meetings to dinners to wedding receptions. The upstairs has a large open floor plan and stage. This is a great venue for larger events with seating for up to 225 people. The upstairs is also used annually for displays and judging for the Lamar Free Fair and several vendor events.

The basement and kitchen areas are newly renovated. The basement is appropriate for smaller meetings, fundraiser breakfasts and similar events. 

Reservation requests can be made here. A member of the fire department staff will contact you to finalize your reservation and arrange for payment. A deposit must be made to be added to the calendar. 


  1. OTHER ACTIVITIES include events such as seminars, class reunions, family gatherings, wedding receptions, and fund-raising activities that include a charge for admission, a charge for activity, seeking or taking orders for products/goods. 
  2. ON MULTI-DAY EVENTS, the building will be booked by the daily rates only. Half day rates are available for first day set up and cleanup. The half day hours are from 8A-2P or 4P-12A. 
  3. If the Auditorium is expected to exceed the seating capacity, the basement must also be rented. The total building capacity is 325 and MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED. 
  4. In the event of a city, county or state emergency, your event may be cancelled, and a refund given or postponed to a later date to accommodate both the emergency and your event. 


  • All fire exits and means of entrance or exit must be clear accessible at all times. 
  • Only use areas of the building you have rented. 
  • Do not leave children unattended in any area of the building. 
  • Contact the on-duty person should you have a problem 
  • Schedule your event to allow all items to be removed from the building by the end of your rental time and no later than MIDNIGHT. 
  • No lighted candles on the piano. 
  • No tape, thumbtacks, sticky tack, or other adhesive shall be used on the floor, walls, ceiling or furniture without approval of the on-duty person. Blue painter tape may be used. If damage is caused you will be billed for the repairs. 
  • Drinks should be served in colored cups. Cans and bottles are discouraged. 
  • Pick up your trash and place in trash containers. Do not overflow the trash containers. Trash bags are available from the on-duty person. 
  • Sweep and mop as needed. 
  • The kitchen area should be left clean. Counter tops cleaned, appliances cleaned, ovens turned off and floors swept and mopped. 
  • The “APPLICANT” will be liable for any items broken or damaged during the use of the building and are responsible for the actions of all event guests and attendees. 
  • Must be 18 or older to execute the rental application. 
  • Payment and application must be completed prior to the event being placed on the calendar. NO EXCEPTIONS. Events canceled with less than 7 days will be refunded 50%. Less than 3 days (72hours) no refunds. 
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