How many people does Thiebaud Auditorium seat?

The Thiebaud Auditorium seats up to 805 people. 

The auditorium is complete with a stage, two backstage dressing rooms, stage lighting and sound, a projector and screen, as well as an array of microphone and monitors to help you have the best performance or meeting. 

Thiebaud is available to rent for $50 per hour for non-ticketed events or $400 or 10 percent of ticket sales for ticketed events. Lamar Schools are provided use of the Auditorium for a discounted rate as well. 

Thiebaud has been used for school concerts, dance recitals, plays and community meetings, as well as a concert venue for visiting performers at the annual Lamar Free Fair.

To begin the process for reserving Thiebaud Auditorium, visit our online catalog!

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