How can I find out information about the Thiebaud Meeting rooms?

The Thiebaud Meeting Rooms are an ideal spot for your next family event, party, class reunion, meeting or training session.

There are two meeting rooms in the front of the Thiebaud that can also be combined to make one big room. Room A is the room with the kitchen. With tables and chairs, it can seat 60 people comfortably. It also has a 42-inch television and a white board. The kitchen as a sink, stove and oven, refrigerator with freezer, microwave and dishwasher. We do not provide any serving ware or utensils.

The B Room does not have the kitchen, but has a small tiled area, a sound system, a 65-inch television and a white board. It was seat 80 people with tables and chairs.

Both rooms combined have seated up to 200 people. 

The Thiebaud staff sets tables and chairs to your specifications for your event. All Thiebaud tables are rectangle tables, either 8 ft. banquet tables, narrow student tables or 4 ft tables. 

Rental is done by the half day (any time period less than 6 hours) or whole day (any time period over 6 hours). There is a deposit required to reserve your space and reservations can be made at any time in advance of your event. Alcohol is permitted in the meeting rooms with a $200 alcohol fee, $100 of which is refundable.

To see the full pricing or to reserve Thiebaud for your next event, please visit our online catalog!

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